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Best chip tuning results only with a power test bench

Power-Performance has a 4 × 4 Dyno project braked power test bench (also called a roller test bench or dyno). The dyno is capable of braking 1000 HP and 1300 Nm (traction force) per axle in continuous operation, up to the speed of 288km / h. With this power test bench, both 4WD (four-wheel drive) and 2WD (two-wheel drive) cars can be tested and adjusted on the rollers.

A 4 × 4 power test bench plays an important role in the development of professional customized chip tuning solutions. Especially since the technical condition of a car has a major influence on the final result of chip tuning. With the help of a power test bench it is made possible to clearly indicate how much power and pulling power a car has and what are the possible defects (such as wear) of a car. In addition, during the runs all values of the cars are looked at, the values are adjusted to size. This means that Power-performance looks for the best solution between your expectations and the actual possibilities of your car. This is to achieve the best possible end result.

Do you want to know how much power is actually in your car? This can be done via a simple dyno run.

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